Cottage industries exposition v union of india and ors.

Seat of court
New Delhi
Date of opinion

On 6th April 1996, 16th April 1996 and 12th May 1996, M/s Istihaq & Co. supplied various types of shawls to the petitioner company. The supplies included shawls which have been seized by the respondent.On 7th November, 1996, the petitioner No. 2 made arrangement for the export of the consignment containing some shawls, scarfs and kimonos (hereinafter referred to as the "export material") to England which were deposited at the Cargo Terminal of the Indira Gandhi International Airport, to be air lifted to England.
The export material was inspected by the Customs Authorities at the Airport, who objected to the export of some of the shawls suspecting them to be shahtoosh shawls and refused their export and detained the saidshawls.
On 11th November, 1996 two Panches namely Shri Charanjeet Singh Grover and Shri Ram Kumar were called. The proceedings before the Panches are recorded in the Punchnama dated 11th November, 1996. The Punchnama recorded as follows:
The respondents suspecting 12 shawls to be shahtoosh shawls out of the export material allegedly having been manufactured out of shahtoosh wool took the samples for forensic test to the Wildlife Institute of India.
The shawls and the remaining export material were detained and seized pending an inquiry in the matter on the ground that the shawls which are made of shahtoosh wool are liable to be confiscated under the Customs Act, under the Wildlife Act and the remaining export material was used for concealment of the seized shawls. (Provided by: UNODC SHERLOC)

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