The Peoples Procuratorate of Shanghai City v. Li Wenjian and Liang Zhiqiang

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In December 2001, two Chinese businessmen planned to smuggle a large amount of ivory out of Africa by containers. They contacted defendants Li Wenjian and Liang Zhiqiang and asked them to arrange import declaration documents and to rent a warehouse in Guangdong Province.
In August 2002, Liang Zhiqiang arrived in Shanghai and handed over the bill of landing, receipt, sanitary and phytosanitary certificates, and other relevant documents to Li Wenjian. Then Li signed an import agency agreement with two other companies and entrusted an agent declaration enterprise to declare a 20 inch container carrying rosewood panels to Shanghai Waigaoqiao Customs.
On August 30 2002, the smuggled elephant tusks hidden in African wood were discovered by customs officers. The sized items included 303 African elephant tusks and 1013 pieces of elephant tusks which can be sliced into 408 whole tusks and 17 others in pieces. Shanghai Customs officials estimate the weight of this giant seizure at 3334.6kg, the items had a retail value of more than 178,275,000 RMB. (Provided by: UNODC SHERLOC)

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