The Peoples Procuratorate of Xiamen City Fujian Province v. Wang Jiangdu and Wang Tianjian

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In mid-November 2006, the defendant Wang Jiangdu cooperated with Wang Tianjian and transported a batch of “seafood” to China via Xiamen-Jinmen Sea Area for a Taiwanese businessman. Wang Tianjian sailed a fishing boat to Jing Men sea area and took over 54 boxes of goods, then sailed back towards Xiamen city when he was stopped by an officer of the Anti-Smuggling Bureau of Xiamen Customs. In the meantime, Wang Jiangdu was waiting to receive the goods at the dock and spoke with Wang Tianjian through phone for many times. When he heard of Wang Tianjian’s arrest he escaped from the area. On December 21, Wang Jiangdu gave himself up to the police and argued that he did not hire Wang Tianjian to transport the goods to China and he was neither the owner of the goods nor participant of the shipping. He argued that he was only waiting for the cargo at the dock under the arrangement of a Taiwanese man.
The customs official discovered 102 alligators (2 died) in the 50 boxes, and the other 4 boxes were filled with 12000 turtle eggs. The seized items had an estimated sale price of 6000-7200 RMB in total.

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