The Republic versus Ally Ahamed, Nico Jacob Zembetaks and Ally Mbogo - No. 01 of 2006

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That the accused persons were found in possession of the Government trophies/properties contrary to various provisions of the law hence were charged as follows: (i) that first and second accused persons in this case were jointly charged with five counts, (ii) the third accused person was charged with one count which was not economic offence (iii) that the first and second accused person were found in possession of government trophies to wit 9 impalas as valued Tshs 1,790,100, 6 stein bucks valued Tshs 772,220 and 1 aardvark valued Tshs 222,300 the properties of Tanzania government without permit or license thereof (iv) all three accused were represented by advocates and they pleaded not guilty (v) the prosecution side brought five witness to prove the guilty of the said three accused (vi) the accused persons were given opportunity to defend themselves before the court of law (vii) the third accused confirmed his name to be Ali Mbogo and not Ally Abdallah and tendered before the court his hunting license, school certificates and employment certificate. The judge found first and second accused persons guilty for first, second, third and fourth counts and were acquitted on the fifth count and the third accused was not guilty and he was acquitted on all counts accordingly.

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No. 01 of 2006
(1) Unlawful hunting, (2), (3) & (4) unlawful possession of government trophies, (5) unlawful acceptance of hunting license, (6) unlawful transfer of license
Money value
TZS 2,784,620
2 convictions for counts (1) to (4)/2 acquittal
First and second accused persons: (1) First count fine of Tshs 100,000 or one year imprisonment in default, (2) Second count fine of Tshs 300,000 or two years imprisonment in default, (3) Third count fine of Tshs 300,000 or two years imprisonment in default, (4) Fourth count fine of Tshs 300,000 or two years imprisonment in default, (5) -, (6) -.
Court cases cited
MWITA WAMBURA V. R. (CAT) CR.APP.NO56.1992 (unreported)
Legislation cited
The Wildlife Conservation Act, No. 12 of 1974, Cap. 283 R.E. 2002
Economic and Organised Crime Control Act, 1984, Cap. 200 R.E. 2002