The State Attorney and the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife vs EVILANDO Lucas

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In February 2014, elements of the conservation service of the National Park of Lobeke received reliable information about the presence of some poachers in the said park. Following this, on the 19 February, the elements organized a surveillance and control patrol in the peripheral area of the park (ZIC 31). On the 19 February at about 4 a.m., they found and arrested the accused flagrante delicto in the act of hunting, in possession of a hunting gun (BAIKAL), 06 ammunitions, and an enormous quantity of meat of protected animal species including Agile Mangabey, 06 Blue duikers, and 01 African brush tailed porcupine. All the objects and wildlife products were seized. The meat was sold by public auction and the proceeds were kept in the national treasury. The accused claimed he did not carry out the hunting but rather his brother-in-law called Boris, who killed a Bush pig, Monkeys and Hares. That the morning of the arrest, his said brother-in-law heard gunshots and escaped. That was why he was found alone by the elements of the park and was arrested. After his offence report was drafted, he was forwarded before the Court of First Instance Yokadouma for prosecution.

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No. 120/COR
Illegal killing of protected animal species, illegal hunting, entry and residence on the Cameroon national territory contrarily to the legal dispositions on immigration, and illegal detention of arms and ammunitions
Money value
He was found guilty of all charges and sentenced to ten (10) months’ fixed imprisonment term, to pay 57.900XAF for costs, 100.000XAF for fines and 965.000XAF as civil damages to the state of Cameroon represented by the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife.
Legislation cited
Penal Code, secs. 74, 237
Law No. 97/012 of 10th January 1997 fixing the conditions of entry, residence and exit of the national territory, sec. 40
Law No 94-01 of 20th January 1994 to lay down forestry, fisheries and wildlife regulations, secs. 78, 87, 155, 158