The State Attorney and the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife vs GUIATIN Didier, FOUMANE Simplice, MENGATTA Frank, CHINGO Zacharie & TAKONGUE Merlin

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On the 10 July 2013, the conservation service of the Dja Biosphere reserve effected a targeted anti-poaching patrol during which one the accused persons, Guiatin Didier was arrested leaving the Mengame Wildlife reserve. He admitted hunting in the said protected area in collaboration with Mengatta Franck and Foumane Simplice. They killed 6 elephants and a Python. He further indicated that the ivories were transported by Takongue Merlin for delivery to Chingo Zacharie, who sponsored the poaching activity, providing financial resources for subsistence to sustain their poaching activities. On this basis, all the accused persons were arrested and transmitted before the court for prosecution.

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No. 086/COR
Illegal killing of totally protected animal species (06 Elephants), illegal hunting, illegal detention of hunting guns & ammunitions and complicity in the illegal killing of totally protected animal species.
GUIATIN Didier, MENGATTA Franck and FOUMANE Simplice guilty of illegal killing of totally protected animal species, illegal hunting and illegal detention of hunting arms and ammunitions while CHINGO Zacharie and Takongue Merlin were declared not guilty. Sentenced to two (02) years fixed term imprisonment each, to pay 849.260 XAF each for fines and costs, and 11.000.000 XAF as damages to the State of Cameroon.
Legislation cited
Penal Code, sec. 74, sec. 237
Law No 94-01 of 20th January 1994 to lay down forestry, fisheries and wildlife regulations, sec. 155, sec. 158