The State Attorney and the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife vs KA’A MADZIRI Guy Christian

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On the 11 July 2014, elements of the conservation service of the Campo’o Ma’an National Park arrested the accused in the said park in possession of a hunting gun, 10 Blue Duikers, 06 De Brazza’s Monkeys, and 02 Bay Duikers. He accepted criminal responsibility and pleaded guilty. He claimed that he needed money to travel and in this light took a gun from his sister-in-law named Marlyse to carry out poaching in the said park under directions of his son-in-law called NGUIAMBA who lives in a quarter called NIETE V7. The elements sold the wildlife products seized by public auction and saved the proceeds in the National Treasury. After establishing his offence report, he was forwarded together with the seizure reports and hunting gun before the State Attorney of the Court of First Instance Kribi for prosecution.

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No. 342/COR
Illegal killing of totally protected animal species, illegal hunting without permit, and hunting in a totally protected area.
Money value
The court found him guilty of illegal hunting without permit and illegal capture and detention of protected animal species and sentenced him to six (6) months fixed imprisonment term, to pay 30.750 XAF for costs and 500.000XAF for fines.
Legislation cited
Penal Code, sec. 74