The State Attorney and the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife vs MOHAMADOU BELO

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In 2012, the accused MOHAMADOU BELO was arrested flagrante delicto by elements of the conservation service with smoked four yellow duiker legs, 4 bush pig legs, 13 smoked black duiker legs, 12 smoked Monkeys, 40 smoked Blue Duikers, 12 Brush-tailed porcupine, and 01 smoked African Palm Civet. He was charged with illegal killing of protected animal species, and was transmitted for prosecution before the Court of First Instance, Abong Mbang. He was found guilty and sentenced to 01-year imprisonment term and 5.000.000 XAF as fines, all suspended within 3 years and to pay 1.500.000 XAF as civil damages. The Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife was dissatisfied with the judgement and filed an appeal, because the civil damages awarded by the presiding judge does not reflect the actual prejudice suffered by the state. It was based on this that the matter was admitted and enrolled before the East Court of Appeal.

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No. 042/COR
Illegal killing of protected animal species
The Court of Appeal affirmed the grounds of appeal from the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife as justifiable and reviewed the pecuniary sentence of the lower court. He was sentenced to pay 93.148 XAF as costs, and the initial damages of 1.500.000 XAF awarded by the lower court to the accused was increased to 3.441.000 XAF to pay to the state of Cameroon represented by the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife