The State Attorney and the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife vs VU DINH THANH

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In October 2013, BABA AHMADOU, the board chairperson of the telecoms company VIETTEL, sent a complaint to the Buea Judicial police about some of his collaborators indulging in smuggling elephant tusks and pangolin scales in the national territory tarnishing the reputation of their firm. A team of elements of the judicial police and conservation service was set up to carry out investigations. They searched the Viettel office located in Alaska street and their warehouse in Mulango Street all based in Kumba. In the office in Alaska street, pangolin scales were discovered in a plastic container and 10 elephant tusks were discovered in a jut bag at the warehouse. Fidelis the driver was interrogated as well as the storekeeper Amusey Terrence Tabi. They all claimed it belonged to the accused, VU DINH THANH. The accused accepted ownership of the pangolin scales claiming he gave Fidelis the money to buy them but refuted owning the ivories. Fidelis however admitted that the accused got the ivories from some two guys upon returning from Limbe and they both transported the said bag into the warehouse and he realized it contained ivories. Amusey Tabi also corroborated carrying this bag containing ivories as requested by the accused on one occasion. An expert report was established, as well as his offence report and he was forwarded together with the seized products before the State Attorney of the Court of First Instance Kumba for prosecution.

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No. CFIK/DS/001C/2014
Illegal possession of parts of totally protected animal species (Elephant ivories and giant pangolin scales).
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