The State Attorney and the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife vs. ZO'OBO EVINA Samuel & AMVELA Ernest Laurent

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On the 10 October 2017 in Ebolowa, the accused persons ZO'OBO EVINA Samuel and AMVELA Ernest Laurent were arrested following a joint mission between elements of the Regional Delegation of EBOLOWA and NGO LAGA. Arriving at the scene, they found the accused persons flagrante delicto in possession of trophies of a totally protected class A animal species, 25 kilograms of pangolin scales placed in a bag. During interrogations they both pleaded guilty and recognized the facts. The accused ZO’OBO EVINA Samuel, admitted that they collected these scales from several villages and specified that AMVELA had offered to search for these scales. They were commissioned in this task by a certain John who had come to meet him in his village MVANGAN to propose to him to look for the scales among the villagers. Unfortunately, he was surprised to be arrested for these scales. At the close of interrogations, the accused persons were transmitted before the State Attorney for prosecution.

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No. 874/COR
Detention and circulation within the national territory trophies of protected animal species
The accused persons ZO'OBO EVINA Samuel and AMVELA Ernest Laurent were found guilty as charged.
The accused persons were sentenced to three (03) months imprisonment suspended within three years, to pay 167.760 XAF for costs and 2.500.000 XAF for civil damages to the State of Cameroon through the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife.
Legislation cited
Law No. 94/01 of 20 January 1994 to lay down forestry, wildlife and fisheries regulations