Wildlife Cases in Tanzanian Courts

An analysis of court cases related to illegal wildlife trade in mainland Tanzania prepared by Lydia Slobodian, Lorélie Escot, Hamudi Majamba et al., 2016


Training Material

  • Wildlife and Criminal Law Workbook (docx / pdf)
  • Wildlife and Criminal Law Module 1: Concepts and Elements Presentation ( pptx / pdf)

  • Wildlife and Criminal Law Module 2: Prosecution and Adjudication Presentation (pptx / pdf)

  • Wildlife Law Exercise 1: Mock Trial (docx / pdf)

  • Wildlife Law Exercise 2: Charging and Sentencing (docx / pdf)


Useful Websites

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ECOLEX is a comprehensive global source of information on national and international environmental law. It offers five data sets on treaties, CoP decisions, national legislation, court decisions and literature and covers the entire spectrum of environmental subjects.