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The Republic versus John S/O Kihaka, Nohard S/O Leonard and A 9072 CPL James Kalenzo Said - No. 19 of 2013


It was alleged that on the 24th day of August 2013 at Samora area within the municipality and region of Iringa, the accused persons were found in possession of six elephant tusks and six cut pieces of elephant tusks all valued at Tshs 120,000,000/= being the property of the government without lawful permit. They were found not guilty.

Director of Public Prosecutions versus Yohana Peter Ngoira and Pelo S/O Moleiment Munga @Pelo - No. 331 of 2015


The appellant was appealing against the decision of the High Court which ruled that the offence which the respondents were charged with was not an economic crime to be tried before the High Court and thus ordered that the matter to be remitted back to the trial court for necessary amendments of the charge and proceed with trial accordingly.