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The Republic versus Bahati S/O Michael Ngiriama and Juma S/O Ally Patric @ Kalumanzila - No. 03 of 2014


Sometimes between June 2009 and 18th August, 2014 in different occasions (at Ruaha National parks in Iringa Region and Madibira within Mbarali District in Mbeya Region) alleged to bought, accepted, transported and hunted unlawfully government trophies property of United Republic of Tanzania. They were also found with unlawful possession of the firearms. Then brought before the court to answer a charge. The accused persons were convicted on the third count (unlawful possession of firearms).

Cretus Sambi @ Kimbwenga and Geofrey Chazya versus the Republic - No. 270 of 2010


The appellants were found to be in unlawful possession of elephant tusks found in the second appellant’s house and fresh and dried meat found in the first appellant’s house alleged to have been obtained from Katavi National Park. The appellants were found to be in possession of elephant meat and tusks without a valid licence. They were tried and convicted by Resident Magistrate at the District Court of Mpanda and sentenced to a fine of 50,000 each or serve five years in prison. The appellants opted to pay the fine. Dissatisfied with the sentence, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) appealed to the High Court of Tanzania at Sumbawanga (DC Criminal Appeal No. 40 of 2009). Specifically, the DPP complained that the learned trial magistrate should have imposed a minimum prescribed sentence of twenty (20) years imprisonment, and not a fine of Tshs. 50,000/= or five years prison sentence in default. The High Court allowed the appeal and substituted the sentence with one of 20 years. Aggrieved by the decision of the first appellate court on sentence, the two appellants lodged this appeal, against the new sentence and they in addition contested their conviction by the trial court, which was not the subject of the DPP’s first appeal at the High Court. Through the invocation of revisionary power, the Court of Appeal nullifies, quashes and sets aside the proceedings and decision of the District Court of Mpanda. It further ordered a retrial in a court with competent jurisdiction.

The Republic versus Matokeo Hansikari Manga @ Nguvu - No. 05 of 2015


The accused on diverse dates between March, 2015 and 30th June, 2015 at Mazombe village and Ruaha National Park within Mbarali District in Mbeya Region was found in unlawful possession and unlawful dealing in Government trophies also was found with unlawful possession of Ammunition respectively. Then brought before the court to answer the charge. The accused person was acquitted.

The Republic versus Gerald Kasamya @ Sibula - No. 34 of 2002


This is an appeal case originating from Mpanda District Court at Mpanda. Before the District Court at Mpanda, the appellant and three others were charged for the offence of unlawful possession of government trophies and unlawful possession of weapon and ammunition. The District convicted the appellant and acquitted the second, third and fourth accused person. The appellant became aggrieved with the decision of the District Court, appealed to the High Court. The appeal was dismissed.

The Republic versus Song Lei, Xio Shaodan, Chen Jianlin and Hu Liang - No. 06 of 2015


On 6th November, 2015 at Kasumulu area within Kyela District in Mbeya Region, the accused persons were jointly and together, internationally organized a criminal racket by exporting, to the United Republic of Tanzania, government trophies. They were later on arraigned before the Court of Resident Magistrate for Mbeya at Mbeya. All accused were found guilty and were therefore convicted.

The Republic versus George Betweli Kweya and Nelson Ezekiel Kifuko @ Mandela - No. 01 of 2015


On diverse dates between 13th January, 2013 and 25th January, 2015 at Ruaha National Park, Kinyasuga village within Mbarali District in Mbeya Region, accused persons jointly were found in unlawful acquired, accepted and transported government trophies. They were also found with unlawful possession of the Fire Arms at Kinyasuga village within Mbarali District in Mbeya Region. Then brought before the court to answer a charge. Both accused persons were convicted.

The Republic versus Arquemides Joao Mahanjane and Henriques Benedicto Assuba - No. 01 of 2015


The accused persons were arrested at Kasumulu while crossing the border from Malawi to Tanzania. During their arrest they were found with unlawful possession of government trophy namely two rhino horns contrary to the penal laws of Tanzania. Thereafter were prosecuted before Kyela District Court. In the trial both of them pleaded guilty to the offence charged. Prosecution was then called to adduce evidence in support of the charge. Both accused were convicted.