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The Republic versus Hamisi Koni - No. 16 of 2007


The respondent one, Hamisi Koni, was charged before the district of Mpanda with the offence of unlawful possession of government trophy. Upon the accused being arraign before Mpanda district was committed for bail. While enjoying court bail, the accused absconded from appearing to the court. The court ordered the case be heard yet the accused jumped bail. At last the court further Oordered prosecution to prove their case still prosecution failed to bring witnesses. Tn 29/03/2007 when the case was fixed for hearing and upon prosecution fail to bring witnesses the court invoked section 226(1) of the Criminal Procedure Act, Cap. 20 and acquitted the respondent. Hence the prosecution filed revision before High Court to challenge the decision of the district court in acquitting the respondent. The High Court allowed the appeal and quashed the decision of the trial court.

Nkwabi Mayala and two others versus The Republic - No. 04 & 27 of 2014


The case originated from Mpanda District court were the three appellants were jointly charged for the offence of unlawful possession of government trophies c/s 86(1)(2)(b)(ii) of the Wildlife Conservation Act, No.5 of 2009 read together with 14(d)of the first schedule to and section 57(1) and 60(2) of the Economic and Organized Crime Control Act, [Cap.200 R.E.200]. The Court allowed the appeal and ordered that the case shall be retried before a court with competent jurisdiction.

Mohamed Seif versus the Republic - No. 39 of 2015


This is an appeal case originating from Mpanda district Court where the appellant stood charged with the offences of unlawful possession of government trophies and unlawful possession of firarms. The case before the trial court (district court) proceeded without adhering to the requirement of the law by filing a certificate of consent by the DPP to give powers to the court to hear and determine the case. Where in the absence of such certificate of consent the court entertained the case without jurisdiction. The High Court quashed the decision, set aside the sentence and ordered to release the appellant from jail.