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The Republic versus Fami Mohamed, Tano Moses and Omary Kindole - No. 05 of 2007


The accused persons on the 4th July 2007 at about 23:00 hours in Kimande Village within rural district of Iringa were found in unlawful possession of government trophies in the form of 13 pieces of elephant tusks which weighed 68.7 kilograms in all. The accused persons pleaded not guilty. The second accused was found guilty whereas the first and third accused persons were found not guilty.

The Republic versus Bahati S/O Michael Ngiriama and Juma S/O Ally Patric @ Kalumanzila - No. 03 of 2014


Sometimes between June 2009 and 18th August, 2014 in different occasions (at Ruaha National parks in Iringa Region and Madibira within Mbarali District in Mbeya Region) alleged to bought, accepted, transported and hunted unlawfully government trophies property of United Republic of Tanzania. They were also found with unlawful possession of the firearms. Then brought before the court to answer a charge. The accused persons were convicted on the third count (unlawful possession of firearms).

The Republic versus Emmanuel Andrea Chuwa and six others - No. 23 of 2000


On 24.11.2000, the Anti-Poaching Unit while in routine patrol heard a gun sound and responded immediately. Upon arriving at the crime scene, the Unit found the accused persons removing zebra skin they have killed using a riffle after shooting 22 rounds of ammunition. The accused persons were arrested. During trial, the prosecution tendered rifle ammunition, certificate of valuation, inventory of unclaimed properties short gun, a panga, an axe and hunting licence as exhibits. It transpired during trial that the accused license had already expired. All accused persons jumped bail. The accused was found guilty of the offences charged and sentenced in abstentia.

The Republic versus Boniface Aloyce - No. 03 of 2013


The accused was arrested at Ituka areas within Mikumi National Park in while he was in possession of various species specified as government trophies to wit were elephant tusks and hippopotamus teeth. He was also found in possession of fish and of various weapons believed to be used in poaching activities. He was charged in Kilosa District court. The accused person was found guilty of all five counts he was charged with.

The Republic versus Agnas Selestine and two others - No. 08 of 2013


Both three accused were arrested on 23rd August 2013 at Msimba Village within Kilosa District Morogoro region. They were found in possession of the Government trophy and were arrested and charged at Kilosa District Court. Three accused were found in possession of the Government trophy to wit the leopard skin believed to be attempting to sell it. The court found the accused persons guilty of the offence.

The Republic versus Said Abdalah - No. 06 of 2015


Accused was arrested at Mihanda Village in Mikumi Ward within Kilosa District on allegations of been in possession of the Government trophies contrary to the provisions of the law. He was charged at Kilosa District court. He was found in possession of the Government trophy to wit 10 pieces of the elephant meat valued at Tshs. 24, 127, 500 the property of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania and without permit or license. The accused person was acquitted.

The Republic versus Mwajuma D/O of Ibrahim @ Zuberi - No. 07 of 2013


The accused Mwajuma was charged of an offence of been in unlawful possession of the Government Trophy which is contrary to section 86 (1) of the Wildlife Conservation Act No. 5 of 2009 read together with Paragraph 14 (d) of the First Schedule to the Economic and Organized Crime Control Act Cap 200 of R.E 2002. That she was found with the trophy and was arrested in the morning of 7th day of October, 2003 at Mwanga area Handeni District. The accused person was found not guilty of the offence.