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The Republic versus Aidano Chapite - No. 0 of 2012


The prosecution alleged that on 23rd March, 2012 at Kambi ya Fisi within city and region of Arusha, the accused was found in possession of one cheetah skin. According to the prosecution, the accused was in police lock up facing charges of breaking with intent to steal. The police decided to search his house in an attempt to recover some stolen items. During the search, a bag containing cheetah skin was found in the accused house. The accused denied to know the content of the bag and told the police that it belonged to a person who is visiting him. He gave the name and mobile phone number of the guest. The accused was found not guilty.

Jasper Philemon Mngwulwi versus the Republic - No. 56 of 2015


On 25th August, 2013 at about 01:00hrs at Mheza-Maore Village within Same District – Kilimanjaro region, the appellant was arrested for being in unlawful possession of the government trophy which is one “cheeter” skin worth Tshs. 7,942,900, the property of the government of the United Republic of Tanzania and without permit or license. He was charged at Same District court, was found guilty as charged and was sentenced to six years of imprisonment. Being dissatisfied with the decision of the District court he appealed to the High Court and produced three grounds of appeal. The appeal was heard while he was standing on his own with the Attorney General on the other hand. The appellant Jasper Philemon Mngwulwi was arrested and charged at Same District court for the offence of possessing government trophy. The case was heard and he was convicted and sentenced to six years imprisonment. Being dissatisfied with the decision of the District court he appealed to the High Court. The High Court allowed the appeal, quashed the decision of the District court and set aside the sentence.

The Republic versus Phares Christopher - No. 01 of 2013


On 13th December, 2012 at Kishisha Village, Siha District at Kilimanjaro region, the accused was arrested by the Kinapa Park rangers on allegations of possessing government trophy which was hyrax. This was contrary to the Wildlife Conservation Act, No. 05 of 2009. He was charged for the first time at Hai District Court on 24th January, 2013. The accused was found guilty.