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Abilah Hassani Mfaume versus the Republic - No. 02 of 2008


The appellant was found in possession of a weighing scale while drying meat identified by the witnesses using their experience to be that of a zebra. There was no skin or head to support such claim. The appellant denied that the meat was zebras claiming it to be of hartebeest which was hunted under permit of a friend not present at the crime scene. The appellant was convicted for the counts charged and sentenced to twenty years imprisonment. He appealed on the ground that he was not given the right to call witnesses which breached natural justice rules. The Court allowed the appeal, quashed the conviction and set aside the sentence. The judge ordered the immediate release of the appellant from prison.

The Republic versus Charles Mwita - No. 09 of 2010


On 05/10/2010 at 18:00 hours at Warangi area within SENAPA when park rangers were on patrol, they saw people running from the bush. They chased them and managed to arrest one of them. They took him back to the bush that he was running from. When he was searched he was found in possession of one knife, one spear and four animal trapping wires and, two pieces of dried meat, one of zebra and one of wildebeest. He was taken to Lobo Rangers Park and then to Mugumu Police station. The case lasted for three years from the date it was instituted to the date of the judgment. The accused was found guilty and convicted on all the three counts.

The Republic versus Daniel Mikaeli @ Mtatiro and two others - No. 149 of 2012


On 02/12/2012, the three accused person were arrested a Meza area within SENAPA and found in possession of weapons and government trophies, namely; 1 knife, two pangas, and five trapping wires, one leg of Zebra and one dry skin of Zebra. Then were taken to Mugumu police station. The case was dismissed under section 225(5) of the Criminal Procedure Act.

The Republic versus Emmanuel Mathayo Burure - No. 58 of 2010


On the 7th day of October 2010 in Mugumu, upon information given by a secret informant the accused and one person Mosenye Barisere are suspected to be in possession of government trophies. The accused working place where he was working was searched, nothing was found, they also searched his four houses and nothing was found, the police then discovered that there was a dustbin pit dug in the compound of the accused, and upon digging the pit they found a whitish resin bag buried in the pit carrying two pieces of elephant tusk. The accused was then arrested and taken to court. The accused was acquitted.