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The Republic versus Sunday Peter @ Massawe and Gabril Daniel Kijenge @ Gabo - No. 37 of 2014


The accused persons on 12.07.2014 at Kaloleni area within Arusha city were found in unlawful possession of five ivory tusks the property of Tanzania Government. In this case, Anti-poaching Unit received a tip from an informer that the accused person were in possession of ivory tusks and were looking for a buyer. The Unit set up a trap where the informer agreed to meet the accused person in Meru Inn Hotel. The accused persons arrived at the hotel with two bags and entered the informer room. The Anti-Poaching Unit stormed the room and found the informer and accused persons. However, the second accused person escaped the arrest. He was soon arrested and joined in the case. Upon searching the room, two bags were found with ivory tusks in them. Manager of the Hotel was called to witness and sign the certificate of seizure together with the informer and the first accused person. The first accused was found guilty while the second accused person was found not guilty.

The Republic versus Yohane Siwinga and six others - No. 01 of 2011


That on 8th December, 2011 at Itumba area within Mpanda District in Rukwa region the accused persons were arraigned and found in unlawful possession of government trophies. Also the accused persons were found in unlawful possession of two muzzle gun and ammunitions. A charge was brought before the court for accused persons to answer. The accused persons were convicted.

The Republic versus Matokeo Hansikari Manga @ Nguvu - No. 05 of 2015


The accused on diverse dates between March, 2015 and 30th June, 2015 at Mazombe village and Ruaha National Park within Mbarali District in Mbeya Region was found in unlawful possession and unlawful dealing in Government trophies also was found with unlawful possession of Ammunition respectively. Then brought before the court to answer the charge. The accused person was acquitted.