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The Republic versus Mwikwabe Mwita and another - No. 06 of 2010


On 05/10/2010 at 18:00 hours SENAPA park rangers while at river Ntami area within SENAPA, they saw people hidden in the bush, they surrounded the bush and arrested both of them and found them having one piece of dry meat of the wildebeest. They were asked if they had permits one had, the other did not have. They were arrested, taken to the park rangers then to Mugumu Police station on the following day. The accused persons were found not guilty and were acquitted.

The Republic versus Mwita Morogo Rosana and another - No. 24 of 2010


On 21/03/2010 at 15:00 hours, the park rangers were on patrol at Mti Mmoja area within Serengeti National Park. They saw carnivores birds (Tai) surrounding and roaming around a certain bush, they though a wild animal had died on that area so they made a follow up. When they reached the area they saw people in the bush. They surrounded them and successfully arrested them. The found them in possession of local weapons namely, 2 knives, 1 spear and 3 animal trapping wires and government trophies namely, two pieces of topi died meat, one dry skin of topi, one fresh piece of impala, one fresh skin of impala, two pieces of fresh meat of warthog and one head of a warthog. The case lasted for three years from the date it was instituted to the date of the judgment, the accused persons were given bail by the court, and they failed to appear before the court during hearings. By their absence they missed the opportunity to prove their defense so the judgment was passed expert. The accused persons were convicted.

The Republic versus Nyahiri Wansatu Cheche and two others - No. 92 of 2012


On 11/09/2012 at 01:40 hours at Hingira area within SENAPA when park rangers were on patrol, they saw torch lights, they made follow up and surrounded the area and arrested the accused, they were in possession of one knife and three snares and two fresh legs, ribs and the head of a wildebeest. They were arrested taken to Machochwe?s rangers post then to Mugumu police station on the following day. The accused persons were convicted on the first and second counts and acquitted on the third count.

The Republic versus Nyakorema Wambura Nyambeya and another - No. 04 of 2013


While park rangers of SENAPA were on patrol around Korongo la Urembo area on 20/10/2013 at 13:30 hours, they saw people hidden in the bush, they surrounded the bush and successfully arrested them, they were also caught in possession of one dry skin of wildebeest, one dry skin of impala, one machete, one bow, one spear, two knives, 4 arrows, and five snares. They were arrested and taken to Mugumu police station. The case lasted for one year from the date it was instituted to the date of the judgment. The accused were found guilty and convicted.

The Republic versus Paulo Matiko @ Baru - No. 45 of 2014


On 22/06/2014, while park rangers of Serengeti National Park were on patrol as Sonzo area, they saw the accused person moving around. They chased him and managed to apprehend him. He was in possession of one spear, two animal trapping wires, two pieces of dried meat of wildebeest, and one dried skin of a wildebeest. On interrogation the accused admitted to have no permit. The accused was convicted.

The Republic versus Rebeca Julius Mwita - No. 66 of 2010


On the 13th day of October 2010, the accused who was a passenger, travelling to Tarime from Mugumu was arrested relying on information given to Serengeti National Park rangers by a secret informer. That there was a passenger transporting government trophies from Serengeti to Tarime. The car which the passenger was traveling with was stopped and inspected in Nyansurura village, where they found dried pieces of wild meat (22 pieces of wildebeest, 22 pieces of dried zebra meat) which belonged to the accused. The accused was acquitted.

Maduhu Joseph versus the Republic - No. 03 of 2015


On the material date, at 22.00 hrs at Tingirima village within Bunda District in Mara Region, the accused was found in the possession of skins of dik-dik, two pieces of dried meat of the wildebeest and a piece of elephant tusk, after an emergence search in his house, a house owned by his mother and elder brother while he was sleeping. He was therefore arrested, convicted and sentenced for 20 years imprisonment. This was an appeal against the original economic case no. 177 of 2013 of the Bunda District court, where the accused was alleged to have been found in possession of skins of dik-dik, two pieces of wildebeest, two pieces of dried meat of the wildebeest and a piece of elephant tusk and therefore charged and convicted of an offence of being in possession of government trophies and failure to report the possession of the government trophies mentioned above worth Tshs. 4,672,000/=. The appeal was allowed, the sentences were set aside and the court ordered to release the appellant from prison.

Wesiko Malyoki versus the Republic - No. 09 of 2015


On 17/03/2012, the game officers at Ikorongo Grumeti Game reserve heard bullets loud fired in the game reserve by unknown persons. The game officers then traced the poachers but didn?t find them. On 28/03/2012, the game officers got information through the ward officer that the appellant and four others have confessed to have entered the game reserve and hunted six elephants. The ward officer was informed of the incident through complaints lodged to him by the accused, that the appellant was indebted to his colleagues after the sale of elephant?s tusks. After arresting the accused, carcasses of the killed elephants were found through the lead of the accused. This was an appeal against the original economic case no. 18 of 2012 of the Bunda District court, where the appellant was jointly and together charged with four others, all the four accused persons were found guilty of the first count and were sentenced to imprisonment of three years or pay a fine of Tsh 300.000/= each. The appellant was alone found guilty of both counts and was sentenced to twenty years imprisonment. Being aggrieved by the decision he appealed to the High Court. The appeal was allowed, the sentence was quashed and set aside and the court ordered immediate release of the appellant from jail.